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AsiaCost was born out of the understanding that European companies are attaching a growing importance to optimizing their purchasing, which can account for up to 60% of their turnover. Costs of production in China are much lower than in Europe, so much so that very significant opportunities exist for our companies to improve margins by Sourcing an existing product, sub-contracting or even by having a manufacturing presence in China. However, distance and unfamiliarity with Chinese culture and business practices are just as much risks that hold back our companies. We are offering to become your supplier and to guarantee quality and pricing, as well as supervision of each despatch.
AsiaCost main activity is based in Shanghai, China's new commercial hub. Through its favoured geographical position (close to Korea and Japan) Shanghai will probably become the commercial centre of Asia, a strategic springboard for any company wishing to enter the whole of the Asian market.
With the Chinese market growing fast, it is high time many of our SME's considered marketing their products there through an intermediary (distributors, agents) or by setting up there themselves (joint-venture or wholly owned).

We can help you find the best solution and support you in its implementation:

Starting manufacturing in China >>>
Starting selling in China >>>
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We are also able to offer long-term representation for your business in China.
The team
AsiaCost was set up by a French national living in Shanghai and who has a wide knowledge of Asia acquired over the last fifteen years. Expert in international trade and Sourcing, he has represented several European companies in Asia and researched suppliers for major European accounts.
The bilingual Chinese team comprises administrative staff, buyers, and quality and despatch controllers. Our multicultural approach enables us to overcome the challenge of culture shock, bypass blockages and gives us a good understanding of how to manage decision making mechanisms.
Our network of relationships
Our network of relationships is the end result of fifteen years commercial and industrial practice in Asia. Our network extends to distribution, central buying, engineering, manufacturing, logistics etc in fields as varied as gifts, software, components, tooling, smelting, audio-visual production, news events etc. This network spreads throughout China, but also into Korea and Japan.

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